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Shawn Paik, left, and Kavish Harjai chow down on some Korean tacos (pork belly and daeji bulgogi) at KoMex, a Las Vegas fusion restaurant. Also on the menu were bulgogi sliders, bulgogi pastrami sandwiches and spam musubi.

Fusion food and the Asian American experience

The infamous sushirito and the ramen burger have come to be icons of fusion food: the melding together of two culinary cultures into edible delight. Chefs have piqued the interest of people from renowned food writers to food instagrammers to your average consumer. However, as people bite into ramen mac n’ cheese, they should be aware of where these new age dishes come from.

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Journalists read racist comments

Asian American journalists encounter racism daily -- in the newsroom, in the comments section, in their inboxes and on Twitter. A few industry professionals react to racially charged comments and explain how they handle the situations.

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Meet this 17-year-old political canvasser

Rebecca Tuzon is a political canvasser in Las Vegas. And she’s only 17-year-old. Tuzon wants to work in politics. But her parents don’t.

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Arab Americans and their television preferences

Dearborn, Mich. is home to the largest concentration of Arabs outside of the Middle East. Many of the Arab Americans living here rely only on Arabic television for news coverage. Why do they only prefer ...

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