Welcome to AAJA Voices 2017.

As proud Voices alumni and faculty members and as individuals who believe in the importance of journalism in a democracy, we believe that volunteering our time with Voices is how we help train this next generation of up-and-coming journalists—journalists who produce quality editorial work, who understand the larger impact their work has on society, and who are deeply engaged with driving the direction of the industry. 


Public trust in the media is at an all-time low.


In addition, the news industry is struggling as news organizations and journalists remain stuck in the page-view economy, which continues to erode at this trust. It's up to us journalists to fix this. The people who feel the most negative impact of this paradigm are news consumers. More than ever before, we believe that it is important prepare and train the next generation of journalists to exemplify professionalism, adherence to the truth and diversity. We want to shift the industry to one where journalists provide people with trusted news when they need it, in the format they want in it, rather than news that is focused on ratings, virality or impressions. 

Therefore, this year, our students will be working together in groups to produce a long-form, in-depth news project over the course of the summer and through the convention in Philadelphia. These projects can span any medium, and the final product can be an interactive news piece, a longer-form video, a full-length podcast, a combination of any of these, or something we haven't even thought of. We want students who are excellent storytellers, whose roles in newsrooms aren't necessarily "reporter," and who are interested in new technologies and story forms. They will also have the opportunity to present their projects at the convention. 

In addition to the project, students will be participating in a distributed, pre-convention curriculum when they will undergo skills training, professional development, and industry engagement. 

This is our next step. Join us!

—Maya Sugarman &  Jessie Tseng, Co-directors for Voices '17-'18