Now in its 27th year, AAJA Voices is a student program that provides aspiring journalists with career-ready skills to succeed in the continually-evolving media landscape. By nurturing relationships between students and professional volunteers, Voices also gives students the opportunity to tap into mentors’ networks and begin their own while also providing AAJA journalists leadership and management opportunities. 

Meet the Voices class of 2018

Meet the Voices class of 2018

Manish Khatri /Flickr Creative Commons

Manish Khatri/Flickr Creative Commons

We are proud to announce the students and faculty for Voices 2018. Voices has selected 17 student journalists nationally. Our students will receive hands-on training and mentorship from 11 professional journalists selected as faculty members.

Learn more about our 2018 students and faculty.

In May, students and faculty will begin work on collaborative long-form reporting projects. Students will attend remote trainings from eight professionals from across the industry, including sessions on data reporting, audience development and more.

The program will culminate with the AAJA National Convention in Houston from August 6 – 11, where students will present their collaborative reporting projects to the AAJA membership on Friday, Aug. 11 at 3:30 p.m.

We look forward to seeing you in Houston.


Irena Fischer-Hwang – Graduate Student, Stanford University

Jonathan Ng – Senior, Suffolk University

Lina Takahashi – Junior, University of Colorado Boulder

Michelle Hanks – Senior, Western Kentucky University

Tsering Bista – Senior, New York University

Salgu Wissmath – Graduate Student, Ohio University

Violet Wang – Senior, University of Wisconsin—Madison

Suhauna Hussain – Senior, University of California, Berkeley

Amber Ly – Junior, San Francisco State University

Annie Ma – Recent grad, Dartmouth College

Cassandra Hsiao – Freshman, Yale University

Cecilia Lei – Graduate Student, University of California, Berkeley

Claire Tran – Senior, Boston University

Dave Sebastian – Junior, Boston University

Elaine Chen – Sophomore, University of Chicago

Emma Stiefel – Freshman, Minerva Schools at KGI

Gwendolyn Wu – Senior, University of California, Santa Barbara


Phil Marcelo – Associated Press

Rong-Gong Lin II – The Los Angeles Times

Samira Sadeque – New York-based journalist

Scott Pham – BuzzFeed News

Voices Co-Directors

Jessie Tseng – Flatiron Health

Maya Sugarman – The Washington Post

Alyssa Jeong Perry – KPCC

Brian Nguyen – The Tylt

Frank Shyong – The Los Angeles Times

Hannah Bae – Brooklyn-based freelancer

Jill Cowan  – Dallas Morning News

Kris Vera-Phillips – KPBS San Diego

Millie Tran – The New York Times

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